(Parody of “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio)

As I walk through the ghetto where I smoke
my weed, I took a look at my day & realize
I’m so un-motivated!  & I’ve been sniffin’ & injectin’
so long that even my niggas think that my mind
is gone!  But I ain’t never passed a popo that
could understand me!  Maybe busted punk, you
know that’s unheard of!  I better watch
how much tokin’ & where I’m smokin’ or me &
my holmies may be sent to da pen!  I really
like to get high so I go smoke!  As I
do I see myself doin’ nuttin, fool!  I’m
the kinda tweeker the little druggies wanna be!
Like on my bed in the night injectin’ drugs in
the street light!

Been smokin’ all my dope in a doper’s paradise!
Been smokin’ too much crack in a doper’s paradise!
Been droppin’ all my acid in a doper’s paradise!
Been poppin’ all dem pills in a doper’s paradise!

Look at all da weed I got from drug deals!
I could live a stoner’s life!!  I was raised by
the stoners so I gotta smoke joints with
the stoned team!  Too much LSD!  Watch me, got
me chasin’ nothing!  I’m a stoned out fool with
the drugs on my mind!  Got the blunt in my
hand & put it in my mouth!  I’m a high up
stoner trippin on acid & my buddies are stoned
so don’t arrest my friends too, popos!  Get
stoned, nothin’ but a dope beat away!  I’m
livin’ life through a joint what can I say?
I’m 69 now, but will I live to see a 187?  How
much that I smoke I don’t know!

Tell me why are we so stoned to see that
the joints we smoke are really acid?


Rob people for money, money to the dealer,
joint after joint, acid after acid, so I’m always
stoned high so I can see what’s goin’ on in this
world!  But I know I’m trippin’!  They say I
gotta quit, but why should I?  If they want
me to quit they’ll never reach me!  I just
smoked dope, I just took acit, I just got
stoned that’s why I know my life is real
luck, fool!




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