Rapper’s Paradise (parody of “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio)


(1)As I walk through the valley
of the shadow of rap,
I take a look at my job
& realize there’s nothin’
’cause I’ve been moppin’ & sweepin’ so long
that even my mama knows I can do more!
But I  ain’t never crossed a man that did
contracts yet!!  I may be in the wrong place
you know that’s unheard of!
I better watch where I’m seein’
and where I’m cleanin’
or me & my holmies might be lost in life!
I really hate to clean but I gotta do!
As I do, I see myself in the rapper pool, fool!
I’m the kinda G the other holmies wanna be
like on my knees in the night
rappin’ prayers in the street light!

(Chorus:)Keep spendin’ most our dreams livin’ in a rapper’s paradise!
Keep dreamin’ most our dreams livin’ in a rapper’s paradise!
Keep rappin’ most our raps kinda in a rapper’s paradise!
Been spendin’ most my dreams livin’ in a rapper’s paradise!

(2)Look at the situation they got me facin’!
I can’t do this anymore!
I was raised by the street so I gotta rap
with the damned hood team!
too much cleanin’ washin’, watch me, got me
chasin’ dreams!
I’m a rappin’ kinda fool with rappin’ on my mind
got my rap in my hand and the dream in my heart!
I’m a low down rapper,
poor drippin’ facta’   
& my holmies is here
so don’t put me down right here!
Fool get bang!
Nothin’ but a heartbeat away,
I’m livin’ life real poor, what can I say?
I’m 18 now, so will I rap before 19?
The way thangs is goin’ I don’t know!

(Bridge:)Tell me why are we so blind to see
that when we rap it is a good rap!


(3)Just got myself a contract,
contract just got myself!
Rappin’ after rappin’!
Dollah after dollah!
Everybody’s dancin’ but I can barely
see what’s goin’ on in the ballroom!
But I don’t know it’s a dance!
They say I got an album
nobody’s gonna listen,
if they can’t understand it,
how can they hear me?
I guess they cain’t,
I guess they won’t,
I guess they deaf,
That’s how I know my life is fine good luck, fool!


(Bridge 2x)


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