(note: this is a funny one I wrote in art class. I know it don’t make any sense, but hey, nobody’s perfect!)

The tardy bell rang

Time to sit down on my ass

Because the class is about to start,

Oh no, here comes Mr. Bart

In his little toy golf cart!

He must’ve got back from Wal-Mart!

Oh no, I feel something

I have to fart!

Got to dart with beautiful art!

(Hey look it’s Mary Hart dating Mr. Gart!)

Look over there!

Mr. Jart!

(What’s a lart?)

Let’s go to Nart’s!

Where’s my car parts?

Where’s my quart?

Buy me a pop tart!

Hey, it’s an ardvart!

(What’s that wart?)

Clean up my yart!

I want your zart!


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