Freak (Parody of “Creep” by TLC)


Here she comes again, and I’m gone

oh I, oh I, oh I am
oh I, oh I, oh I am
oh I, oh I, oh I am!

(1)The 1st of freakness and I’ve
been through so many thangs
I got a girl who’s not normal looking
but I know she has a nose ring!
I look her in the eyes but all she
tells me is that she’s getting an eyelid pierced,
I’ll never let her get it pierced though!
I might get a nose ring only
‘cuz I need some attention, oh!

(Chorus:)She’s a freak, yeah!
Can’t scream it-keep it low!
She said her parents can’t know!
She’s a freak, yeah!
‘Cuz she doesn’t know
what to do to get real attention
it goes to show to not be a freak!

(2)The 2nd of freakness
and we don’t talk to each other anymore!
Now I feel pretty good!
Now to get a real girl who feels the same as me!
Yeah, yeah!
I’ll give her lovin’ till the day she get’s a tongue ring
she’ll never do that when she finds out
I won’t care for it!


(3)I think about us, baby, all the time,
but you know I can’t stand nose rings!
I love you forever, baby!
And you gotta know, I don’t stand those things!


(4)You’re a freak around me
‘cuz I hate it!
Don’t mess around with me!



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