Woke up in the mornin’ at 3, sayin’ to myself
I’m ready to get a beating again!
5 days a week, Why me?
I get beat up too bad!
why me?
I just deliver your stinking paper!
Throw rocks at me, shoot your slingshot at me!
Dennis, leave me alone!  Haven’t you hurt me enough?
I just deliver your stinkin’ paper!
I throw the paper at your face!
Oops, sorry!  Supposed to hit your step, Sir!
You get all red eyed!
Mr. Wilson, I didn’t mean to!
Sorry, apology accepted kid!
Have a heart for me,
I’m just a money earnin’, losin’, can’t readin’, writin’, stinkin’ newspaper delivery boy!
I had to deliver one to this house in Chicago!
Watch out, it’s booby trapped!
Oh crap!
Kevin’s at it again!
No one cares for the paperboy
why should they?
What’s the paper say today, Fred?
It says Fred’s dead!
How’s that?  Fred’s me!
Watch out, Fred!
Oh no!  Kevin and Dennis are behind me!
Hahahaha!  He’s just a poor paperboy!
Let’s give him a beating, a weggie, let’s
take all his money, and scram, and his newspapers too and his Mace!
Boy, you’re a stupid newspaper delivery boy!
in the news today, Fred the paperboy gets beat down by Kevin McCalister, Dennis the Menace, OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, and my A.K!
Oh my god, Fred’s dead!
Yeah!  And I’m takin’ over as the
paperboy for your route!  My name’s George!
If you mess with me I’ll use my series 4-D Atomizer
like my friend Will did as an MIB!
Oops, nobody’s supposed to know!
I’m just a stupid paperboy!
In the news today, George on route 69
was abducted by bug like aliens from the
planet “goatadamzipaleedoodahzipadeeayoolalaee!” We now bring you back to our
regularly scheduled program!


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