Prostitutes (parody of “Waterfalls” by TLC)


(1)Your girlfriend’s goin’ out for the night
so you think it’s fun to pick up on someone!
If at anytime you do this she’ll be
leaving your side!
‘Cuz you don’t realize that it hurts her so much!
But all the yellin’ just ain’t helping at all!
‘Cuz you can’t seem to stop
pickin’ up on someone
so you go out and find people on the street
to give money to the fastest way you know how!
Another person getting AIDS!

(Chorus:)Don’t go chasing prostitutes!
Please stick to the girlfriends
that you’re used to!
I know that you’re gonna have it
your way or nothing at all,
but I know you’ll get AIDS if you do!

(2)Hugh Grant has a natural obsession
for prostitutes but he just can’t see!
That lady gave him lovin’ that his body
could handle
but all he could say is, baby, there’s a
cop out there!
And next thing he knows, he’s put in jail!
Then he doesn’t recognize what he did!!
His career is fading & he doesn’t know why
11 letters gave him another film,
y’all don’t hear me!


(Spoken:)(M:)Hey, baby, how’s it goin’?
(W:)Good.  I’m so horny for you!
(M:)I’m horny for you too!
(W:)Will you take me home with you?
(M:)Sure thing!  Get in my nice car!
(W:)That’ll be $100 the 1st hour!
(M:)Fine with me!



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