Computers mean the Internet, the Internet means websites, and websites mean website reviews. What is a website, you ask? A website is a site on the Internet where you can get information, download things, chat, or play games. Companies own most websites. There are over a billion websites on the internet right now, but this month I’m going to review one website in particular, the Coca-Cola website.

The Coke website has been around for three years. On their site you can fill out a survey about how you felt about the site. One of the questions on the survey asks you if the site is on your top 10 list. My answer was yes. You can read Coke’s stock updates, and Coke’s mission statement, you can get gifts, send e-cards (Hallmark cards by e-mail), buy coke souvenirs from their nifty trading post. You can also download neat things like screen savers to use on your computer. This site also has links to Coca-Cola Japan, Coca-Cola France, and other Coca-Cola websites around the world.

Like I said, I added the website to my top 10 list. If you’d like to view the Coca-Cola website, just point your browser to “”


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