Among the hills of Liverpool, England
1940 you was born.
In the ’50s you picked up a guitar.
You played at the cavern in your own band
And have got some fans.
Your band was called the Quarry Men
And now you got some money to spend.
Your band consisted of yourself, Paul, George, Stu, and Pete.
On that stage you always stood on your feet.
You played songs from famous American groups,
But you never played for the American troops.
With songs like “You Really Got A Hold On Me”
You had to pay a copyright fee.
Pete had to quit, and so did Stu,
And you ran into a guy who had rings on every finger,
He was a drummer and a singer.
The 1960s rolled around,
The 1950s had ended.
You changed the name to an inspired name from an American group
So now you have the fame to play like an American group.
The Beatles was your idea that obviously succeeded
You would never become defeated.
With songs like “Love Me Do”
You didn’t have to pay a copyright fee to.
Your new band consisted of yourself, George, Paul, and Ringo.
You and Paul made a good songwriting team.
In ’64 you played for Ed Sullivan
And you became famous.
In ’68 your group’s best selling album was released
And in 1970 your famous group broke up and went solo.
None of them liked to play Polo.
In the next 10 years you released number one’s
With “Imagine” and “Love” being among.
You and Yoko had a son named Sean
And had fun with him at dawn.
Little did you know the ’70s would be your last years,
So you didn’t have any fears.
1980 rolled around, you had 11 months left.
You released one more album,
And didn’t release such demos as “Free As A Bird” or “Real Love”
But your group did 16 years later.
You were shot in the back and died on
December 08, 1980.
John Lennon, We all love you!


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