Jesus Christ

(This was an attempt I made at writing a serious Christian song to the tune of “RUBY TUESDAY” by The Rolling Stones)

They could never explain how he did it.
He was put on that cross than died.
He makes the sun be bright
on a cloudy day!
Died for me
So I love you!

Hello, Jesus Christ!
You can heal
the blinded man!
You were put on that cross for me
so I’m gonna love you!

Don’t worry!
Forgive me for my sins!
You told me it’s the only way to
You just can’t be changed to
a life where Satan lives!
We’re not lost!
We’re all Christians!


There’s no time to lose!
I heard you say,
“Mike, I was put on the
cross for you, so I love you!
Please follow my word.
Please spread me around!”

(Chorus 2x)


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