I Love The First Amendment – poem

I wrote this in response to the punishment the Northside High School authority gave me after finding lyrics to a song I wrote that was inspired by both Eminem and Adam Sandler tracks.  I don’t have that song written down.  They took it from me before I was able to put it on file on the computer, but they claimed I was talking about people at the school.  I really wasn’t, and since the 1st amendment gives you the right to write without fear of others say so, I decided to write this poem in response to the wrong punishment I got.


Why does a person have to pay a fine
Just because they’ve got a creative mind?
Why does a person have to do time
Just because he’s got a creative mind?
I got seven days in DSC, possibly the rest of the year
That’s one thing I really fear
I don’t feel so dear!
I got the 1st amendment to help me
(I’m the defendent)!
Freedom of speech, freedom of press!
The school will be defeated with no threats!
I love the 1st amendment
It rocks!
Write what you want, you ain’t a communist!
You just write it, you don’t do it!
Nothin’ wrong with that!
It may be the ’90s and society is different, but you just write!
You got the right!
Write what you want to write!
Look at Stephen King and Wes Craven
They ain’t misbehavin’
They’re just writin’!
I don’t care, it’s not fair!
I got sentenced to seven days in DSC!
Why can’t they just see
I just write the fright on this site,
The first amendment gives me that right!


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