(note: I wrote this one when I was in In School Suspension during my Sr. Year for something I wrote that didn’t have to do with the school at all)

I don’t belong here,
This is one place I really do fear!
Seven days here,
What a drag!
Makes me want to die!
Makes me want to cry!
They don’t have the right!
They think I’m nutty, but I’m not,
I’m just trying to be funny, when I’m not!
My days have not been very sunny,
I wish I had a lot of money!
I wish I just ditch this place!
No harm done,
Nothing done wrong!
I wish I could slam a case in their face!
What I wrote wasn’t a threat
But they took it that way!
I’ll move into a cave
Down by the bay
So I could watch the waves,
At least I’ll know I’ll be OK!
Hello, Mr. Fay!
Guess what, the school you work for has to pay!


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