Bad Influences

Foul music, slasher movies, cult cartoons, and ‘killer’ video games. A lot of people say that this type of stuff are a bad influence on kids. They say they give people bad ideas. If that was a known fact than how come I don’t get any bad ideas in my head?

I’m a big “Scream” fan, “South Park” fan, and I enjoy such hard music as Metallica, Kid Rock, and Korn who talk about bad things. They never really mean any bit of it though.

If this stuff gives off bad ideas, than how come some people who listen to Marilyn Manson aren’t gothic or killing people? I have a friend who I work with who is a big Marilyn Manson fanatic, yet he’s not gothic and he doesn’t like the idea of killing people. When the Columbine High School shootings happened, people blamed it on Marilyn Manson. All Marilyn Manson is is an artist. An entertainer. His job is to entertain people, not to teach people. The people who make horror movies, cult cartoons, and video games aren’t out there to teach anyone anything. They’re out there to entertain you.

Go ahead blame the music, movies, games, and cartoons all you want for the world’s troubles, but they’re the wrong things to blame. The fact is the bad influences to kids these days are other people. Parents, friends, peers, anyone in particular that people know well. Who do you think is dumb enough to listen to guys who look like girls that are freaks who wear black contact lenses? Who do you think will listen to people who wear clown makeup? Come on, people. Entertainment don’t create psychos. Psychos are already created. It is in the minds of the psychos. Think about that.


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