“SCREAM 3” movie review

· In case you haven’t known, the “Scream” trilogy was always meant to be a trilogy. When Kevin Williamson turned in his spec script entitled “Scream” he also turned in a 5 page outline for the other two films saying that he meant for it to always be a trilogy, like George Lucas with “Star Wars” but with a killer. If you don’t know what a spec script is, it’s a script you write without having someone telling you to write it or writing on contract. Sort of like when you bored, you’d feel like writing something (if that makes it any clearer.)

· Rumor has it that according to Kevin Williamson’s outline for “Scream 3” it was supposed to go back to Woodsboro, but the majority of people wanted it in Hollywood so it takes place there. It’s a better place anyway because if you saw “Scream 2” Sydney tries out acting. But lets clear up something,

· Sydney doesn’t try out for any films in “Scream 3” but she does go to Hollywood.

· None of the cast members for “Stab” return for “Stab 3,” and Cotton Weary appears again, and so does Jamie Kennedy (the ever so famous Randy Meeks). I know what you’re thinking-he’s dead. Will it was an idea Wes Craven and Jamie Kennedy had to put him in the film. In the film they show Randy Meeks on a video cassette telling the rules of a trilogy in case he didn’t survive in the sequel because he lost his virginity, and he mentions to who in the “final act.”

· If you do pay close attention to the “Scream” movies you will notice that Randy gave out rules to abide by for a successful horror movie, it’s sequel, and the final film.

· If you haven’t seen this film yet I won’t give out any information as to who dies in the first scene and also who gets killed or who is the killer. But this tops the other Screams big time.

· Since this is the last “Scream” movie, it’s the best one. If you’re a big “Scream” fanatic, go see it. It’s definitely worth the seven dollars.


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