I do believe in God, and I also believe in science.

This all started when a co-worker was helping me down-stack a pallet, and I I was talking to somebody about predictions and Nostradamus. I have been doing a little bit of research on Nostradamus since September 11, because of something a class mate said to me when I was in High School. It started to make me wander if Nostradamus did really predict all the events that they say he predicted.

The co-worker was saying that Nostradamus didn’t predict the future, that he was a phony. He said that no one can predict the future. How does he know this? I told him it’s just like saying that aliens don’t exist, and he comes back saying they don’t. He said they don’t because it’s not mentioned in the bible. There are a lot of things not mentioned in the bible. Either because they were left out when the printings of today’s bible was made, or there were things God didn’t want us to find out about, but through the course of time we find out about them anyway. There is no scientific fact that they exist or not. Not even in the bible. That’s why aliens and predicting the future still remain a mystery.

I asked him, “If aliens don’t exist, than how come scientists are researching about them? Trying to find out if there is life on other planets.” He told me it was because scientists don’t believe in God. I just called him stupid, because any one who said something that dumb, must be pretty stupid. I work with a scientist who’s a devoted Christian. He’s an astronomer. I told the co-worker this, and he said that Astronomers aren’t scientists, and Astronomy isn’t a science. If it isn’t a science, than how come in schools all across the world, it’s classified as one. If you look up the word science in the dictionary, the definition is “Area of Knowledge That Is Object of Study.” Which includes Astronomy.

A lot of people don’t even think Theology (study of religion) is a science, but after reading that definition I find out that it is, and that Theologians (Theology scientists) Are the ones who study it. And most Theologians are religious people, otherwise they wouldn’t be studying Theology!

Science usually consists of four things: Matter, Space, Time, and Mystery. Any science you think of, it always consists of those four things.

As a matter of fact, my Earth Science teacher back in high school, was a Christian, and he was really into science. There was a few things he questioned though because of the religious beliefs and the scientists’ beliefs. I believe in God, but there are some things that scientists theorize on that are somewhat against religion, but I wander about it because religion and science both still remain a mystery.

One thing I question on is the big bang theory. The theory is basically saying, boom and the universe was there. The other day, I can see what they mean by that. I was pulling a cart of freight out, and a box with a bottle of ketchup in it hit the door and fell off and broke. It made a noise, and next thing I know, the ketchup was splattered everywhere. I can see where the scientists come up with that theory.

I see bumper stickers all over saying “The big bang theory did occur. God said let there be the world, and bang it happened.” I often sometimes wonder about that. In Genesis chapter 1, verse 1, it says: “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” It doesn’t say that he said, ”Let there be the heaven and earth.” And then “BANG!” it happened, but that possibly can be what happened. He said it, and next thing you know there’s a loud boom and it happened.

Cloning is another thing I wander about. Somewhere in the bible it states that no one should play God. Will, you are playing God when you clone something, and in today’s world they’re basically finding out how to clone something, and someday probably figure out how to make a whole new creature from scratch.

And aliens are another thing. The bible doesn’t mention about aliens, or life on other planets, but it’s something we as humans all wander about. I mean, why would God only put life on this planet but not the others? When I was in the 7th grade, I was reading this book on UFOs and aliens, and it said that somebody’s theory on the aliens, is that they are humans from the future who live on another planet, because the earth would be unlivable in a thousand years or so, so we learn to build a new technology, and we find a new planet to live on and adapt to the environment (which would change the way humans look today), and the space aliens are from the future, visiting the old earth, but we (being from this planet) don’t think the future has gotten here yet. It’s a question of time. I don’t know if we’d ever find out how to time travel here on earth, but they always talk about what black holes can possibly do, and they think you can time travel if you go in a black hole. I read somewhere that the only way to time travel is to get faster than the speed of light, scientists haven’t figured that out yet, but I hope they do soon. I always wanted to time travel.

God is our holy father, which means he’s our parent. If he’s like all other parents, he’d let go of us and let us explore things in the world. Which is probably why a lot of stuff we find out about today isn’t mentioned in the bible, and we just found out about them through the course of time. I believe that a lot of scientists do believe in God. Even the ones who are researching on cloning, the big bang theory, and the aliens. You never know.

Science and religion do co-exist and scientists do believe in God, and anyone who says otherwise has a closed mind which is only open to religion, if it has to do with science, they don’t wanna hear about it and I think that they should open up there mind more, and wander about the mysteries of the universe.


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