Friends?  Who?
The ones who are a generation older than you?
It’s the only friends I got.  It’s true.

I ain’t got no real friends near my age.
No one wants to be, if they do they never try.
Only one person my generation claims to be my friend. 
In my opinion she don’t act nothing close.
Every now and than, she asks me if I’m mad at her for something.  She’ll never know.
But truthfully – yeh!

She’ll get rude with you just for showing off your sense of humor at work.  She’ll write a poem making you think she likes you, but you find out she’s playing with your mind.  She says it’s a joke.  How cruel.

She claims she wants to help you out as a friend, but she doesn’t try hard enough.  When you ask her if she’s not doing anything to come over, she always got other plans.
Or she’ll tell me about things I shouldn’t be doing at work
(I know what I shouldn’t be doing at work.  But I do them anyway, ok?)

My brain is off on the warpath, ok?
You wanna be my friend?  That’s cool.
Than show it!
Show me you wanna be my friend!
Don’t be rude, don’t ignore me, and don’t do things that may piss me off. 
Don’t be tellin’ me how I should be doin’ things.


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