Letta To A Friend

Dear Dan,

What’s been up, Man?  How’s life? / These days I feel like I jus gosta cry / and ev’ry day I feel like I wanna die. / I’m in da middle of a great depression here in my life.

How’s ev’rythin’ back at da fort? / Still hangin’ wit Josh Jowers and Justin Hardwick?

My depression started last month. / Started feelin’ really iggied at work. / Really feel like ev’ry one there is bein’ jerkz / and this last Saturday mornin’ I jus broke down in tears. / Was talkin’ to someone online / (My only way o’ socialization rite now) / and next thing I kno / I start blurtin’ out my whole life / and I found out why I am always shy / and why it was always easy to press my buttons back than / (and it still is.)

Back in the day when I lived in P-H-X, A-Z I was dissed. / Not dissed the way u dissed. / I was dissed ‘cuz I was hated on. / Started when I was 9. / Before than, I felt fine, had a good life I think, damn! / Moved 2 new suburb guess it was ‘cuz I was the new kid. / Went on for 3 fu**in’ years! / When I was 13 it got even worse. / Some kid I thought was a friend started a rumor about me and shit! / I think about all this and I wanna throw a fu**in’ fit! / Only friendz I had always stabbed me in the bak! / Now the only friendz  I got r either online or 30 years older!

Don’t even talk 2 Josh Wurtsbaugh no more! / Why for? / Dat fu**in’ backstabber! / Took my debit card & committed credit card fraud wit it! / 1 G worth on fu**in’ porn! / Ran my phone up $500 on porn! / So I turned him in / the f**ka went to the pen for a few / he also gave me a grin, sayin’ he didn’t do it! / Than how cum all the sites on the bank statement I called said the orders 4 the sites were in his name & address for shippin’ info?

Because of all my problems now I have been listenin’ to a lot o’ Eminem. / I guess I sumwhat relate. / I guess his words are a mutha f**ka / they can be great. / At least wit music I could try to hide because othawise I would’ve tried suicide. / Because o’ my life I’m awefully glad I write / othawise I’d be violent, and that ain’t right. / But ev’ry fu**in’ day I’d wish I die!

I appreciate how you treated me back in high school. / For those two years in drama class what I thought you was you really wasn’t / I wish I could go bak 2 da fort 2 c y’all again / but as far as rite now I really don’t know when. / It’s really fu**ed up. / I havta talk through this pen / ‘cuz I would really luv 2 c y’all again. / I jus don’t know when. / If I go bak don’t want Wurtsbaugh seein’ me / but I’m a try because rite now I’m needin’ a real social life. / I ain’t getting’ that here. / Sometimes I feel so much fear / I’m cryin’ here, cryin’ so many tears! / I don’t think it’s fu**in’ fair!

I hope you get this, man! / Hit me back / jus 2 chat!


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