Suburbs all around you.

Sidewalks all around you.

City Streets every where you go.

City boundaries no where in sight.

People all around you.

Public transportation everywhere you turn

Every where all types of people.

Every where all types of businesses.

Every where all types of homes.

Every where no country life in site.

Down town, big buildings everywhere

All kinds of night life everywhere.

All kinds of things to do.

All kinds of ways to get around

You can see the neon lights from a mile away

You look up towards the sky, and see

Over 30 commercial jets.

Look up, you see the city’s tallest buildings.

The city can have 3 to 4 freeways all to itself (Maybe more.)

You can drive over 10 miles, and still have a

Ways to go to leave the city!

Growing up in the city may be rough and hard, but it’s

Better than being raised up in the country.

Never have to be at home.

Places to go and things to do.

Sidewalks to walk or ride a bike on

Zillion malls to go.

Zillion clubs, movie theaters.

When you think the city stops growing, it grows 2 million more,

New businesses come in, and new suburbs.

More people move in and all the empty land becomes

Home to more housing developments!

You’d think I’d hate to go back and wouldn’t think about it.

But I’d die to go back and can’t wait for the day that I do!