Livin’ Here In Harrison (parody of “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd)


(VERSE 1:)
Boredom is seekin’ in
Sunday all spent to see my kin
Hearin’ songs about depression
I miss Phoenix once again
And I think it’s a sin, yes!

Well I heard why some people move here
Well, I heard to get away from the city
Well, I hope they all will remember
A city man don’t need to be here anyhow

Livin’ here in Harrison
Where the stores close at five
Livin’ here in Harrison
Where there’s nothing at all to do!

(VERSE 2:)
At Wal-Mart we all go hang out
There ain’t nothing else here to do, boo hoo hoo
Leavin’ here does not bother me,
Does me leavin’ bother you?
Tell the truth!

Livin’ here in Harrison
Where hillbillies live
Livin’ here in Harrison
Where there’s cars up on blocks!

Yo, Yo, Yo
I’m livin’ here in harrison –
not a place to have any fun.
So many people around here own guns and they go hunt.

This town so boring,
That I spend every morning sittin’ at home
And never answering the phone.

This town causes so much depression,
it makes a person go in regrettion.
And you see a lot of 100 year old traditions!
And a lot of redneck and hillbilly additions!
And a lot of confederatism
and a little bit of unneccessary racism!

This town don’t go with the times,
Why do you think ever place closes at 5?
And makes Wal-Mart the only place open?
And I see a bunch of cowboys ropin’?
Nothing to do, so I’m just lophin’ around!
not ever bein’ proud to live here,
I gotta get out!
So sick and tired of livin’ here in boredom land!



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