Why am I never accepted?
Why am I always shy?
Why was I treated poorly by all my peers growing up?
Why couldn’t they have treated me better?
Why did my past affect my present (or even worse my future)?
Why can’t I just go on with my life?
Why at one point I can feel happy, but most of the time I don’t?
Why can’t I break away from my fear of rejection?
Why do I always feel ignored?
Why do people have there get togethers and parties and never invite me?
Why is my social life the internet?
Why am I such a loner?
Why am I never loved by anyone?
Why have I never been in a real relationship when I want one so bad?
Why is it that when I find her, I’m finally happy and than she breaks my heart?
Why do I still love her?
Why do I feel like I’m a threat to society?
I never wanted to be popular, I just wanted to be accepted.
I do see popular people and I wish I had what they have (a life)!
They have friends, parties, relationships!!!
I don’t really have all that (actually I feel I don’t have none that)
I’m always so bored, lonely, depressed!
Why do I wish that some people my age I knew could read some of my stuff and see the real me?
I feel they’d actually like me if they just found out about the real me and not just ignore me!


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