The Slum Lords of Harrison

(Note: when my ex and I first lived together, we rented a house with her mom from probably the worst landlords in Harrison, Arkansas.  For liability purposes I won’t disclose who the landlords were – but those who lived in there rental properties probably know who they are.  Lot of people who lived in Harrison will probably agree that they are the slum lords of Harrison, Arkansas.)


(Come one, come all!  Cheap housing at expensive pricing!!)

Come gather round people,
I have a story to tell
About a business that is going to hell
$450 a month, does that ring a bell?
These people don’t care
They don’t care if you even fell
All they want is your money,
And that’s not even funny

Come down here and listen
This is there latest mission
From the slum lords of Harrison
Rent you a dump now do you feel conned?
These bastards don’t care
They don’t care if you poor
All they want is for you to feel sore
And I know we all get ignored


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