Why is it that people just feel they have to be so hateful because they can’t stand somebody? I don’t get it. I’ve always tried to be nice to everyone, but others don’t try. Some people will just look at what other people do and because they wouldn’t do such a thing they’d hate them for it.

My wife and I have been together since March of 2004. A month or so after we started dating, My mom and her mom first met. Well, I was actually hoping my mom and my wife’s mom could be friends. But for some reason, a month or so later my mom decided she didn’t like my wife’s mother. No one really knows why but it is just upsetting everybody. Because of it my mom has told me to choose between my wife or my parents! So if I choose my wife (whom I love very much) my mom doesn’t really want to have anything to do with me. She claims she doesn’t want anything to do with my mother-in-law because she “knows her kind” – stating that her mom was that way! My wife was never bounced around in foster care, and even though my mother-in-law partied a lot in her younger days my wife and her siblings always had food on the table, and they were always cared for by her mom. I also don’t really think my wife was ever ripped off by her mom. My mom, however, growing up was bounced around in foster care, and her mom partied a lot and ripped her kids off.

My mother-in-law may not be the smartest person in the world, and she’ll be the first one to admit that she has done some dumb things in her life but she’s only human! No one is perfect. She may have got a credit card for my wife last year without my wife’s permission, which is actually illegal, but it was gotten for good intentions. When my mom caught wind of it all hell breaks loose and my mom says that is wrong! A month ago somebody tried to get a cell phone and a walmart credit card in my dad’s name. My parents immediately point the finger at my mother-in-law all because they can’t stand her and a phone book shows up at our house with my dad’s name on it. How can my mother-in-law get anything in my dad’s name when we don’t have any of my dad’s information over here, and what info we do have we weren’t even aware of until he told us after his info was stolen. His social security number is on my savings bonds. Those are in my wife’s lock box. That lock box you can’t break into, and there’s only one key to it and my wife has it. That lock box was lost under everything in a closet since we moved in back in august. My mother-in-law has carpal tunnel, bone diseases, is going blind, among other things, and she’s also computer illiterate. Do you think that she could actually find my wife’s lock box in the closet, jar it open for those savings bonds (not even knowing they were in there and had my dad’s social # on it?) and placed it back in the closet and not leave any marks on the box that showed it was tampered with? It is logically and physically impossible. In the words of my father-in-law, “Wow, she’s good!” When my wife told my mom all this she started accusing my wife, her mom (still), and her step-dad, and a friend of her mom’s! A friend of her’s that has never stepped foot in our house! Even though I didn’t do it, for all my mom knows I could’ve stolen my dad’s information, but she didn’t even try accusing me. Just people my wife knew.

We don’t know who did it. All that we do know is that my mother-in-law, nor my wife or anyone else accused didn’t do it. But my mom has no intentions on apologizing for the accusations until she finds out the truth. But she’ll never hear the truth from us because she is so stuck up in her ways. Once she believes in something you can’t talk her out of it. My mom has cost my wife her job so now my wife is looking for a new one, but it is hard finding jobs in small towns where you can make decent money that can pay the bills. And even though my mother-in-law has helped us out also my parents are trying to manipulate me to believe that my mother-in-law did nothing for us and my parents are the only ones who have. You can’t manipulate me when I know differently. My mother-in-law helped get us groceries, get our heat turned on, she even gave me a ride to work sometimes. My parents may have done more by getting a car for us, washer/dryer for us, helping us with deposit and 1st month’s rent for our first apartment, and helping us move. Both my parents and my in-laws have done an equal amount of helping my wife and I out when we need it.

So why can’t my parents just get along with my mother-in-law? She isn’t all that bad of a person. I may not like the idea of her staying with us at the moment but it is only temporary. Until her and her husband find a place. In the meantime she is here to help us pay the bills, and so my wife can take of her. So my mom should just quit her whining and bitching and accusations for my wife’s and mine sake!


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