It took them 20 some odd years and a few live gigs since they got back together in 1994, but The Eagles have officially came back on October 30, 2007. That date marks a date in Eagles history because even though they have been back together since the Hell Freezes Over tour in 1994, they haven’t really put out many new studio tracks – just a few here and there. “Hell Freezes Over” had 4 new tracks and the rest were live tracks of their best songs. There double CD they put out back in 2002 titled “The Very Best of The Eagles” had “Hole In The World.” We were beginning to wonder if they were going to put out a new studio disc. After waiting for 13 years (how long they been back together) they finally recorded a new studio disc. 2 discs – 11 on disc 1, 9 on disc 2. This time however, the album is exclusively sold at wal-mart or on their website.

Both CDs have the full eagles sound on it. The first disc starts out with “No More Walks In The Wood” – it’s an a-capella song that kind of reminds me “seven bridges road.” Than comes a countrified-rock “how long” sung by Glenn Frey. Obviously a hit. “busy being fabulous” – sung by Don Henley. Another great track. Above all, I think my most favorite track so far is the next track. “What Do I Do With My Heart” sung by the great Glenn Frey. It’s a slow love song. The next track is sung by who I’d like to call the comedian of the crime “Guilty Of The Crime” by Joe Walsh. Then Glenn Frey sings the mellow rocker “I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore.” Don Henley than sings the mellow “Waiting In The Weeds.” “No More Cloudy Days” sung by Glenn Frey was previewed on their Farewell 1 tour. It’s another really awesome track which is single material. “Fast Company” is a rocky song sung by Don Henley and Glenn Frey. “Do Something” is a very mellow hit sung by Glenn Frey. The last track on the first disc is “You Are Not Alone” – another mellow track by Glenn Frey.

It seems like Disc 2 is more or less about anti-terrorism and the war in Iraq and it opens with the title track. Despite the fact it’s about 10 minutes long, “Long Road Out Of Eden” is a great mellow song sung by Don Henley. “I Dreamed There Was No War” is a 1 and a half minute instrumental by Glenn Frey, he than goes on to sing the rocker “Somebody.” Don Henley than sings the rocky “Frail Grasp On The Big Picture” – which seems to be about the media. Joe Walsh than goes on to sing “Last Good Time In Town”. Glenn Frey than sings the mellow “I Love To Watch A Woman Dance.” Don Henley than sings the rocky number “Business As Usual” and the mellow “Center of The Universe” with Glenn Frey. Glenn Frey than sings the closing track – the mellow “It’s Your World Now.”

Overall, “Long Road Out of Eden” is an awesome album. Even though you can tell there changes in styles in the songs since their albums of the 1970s – you still can hear the Eagles distinctive sound. That’s one thing that will never change. If you love The Eagles go out and buy this CD. You won’t be disappointed.


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