The Mike Irvan Music Foundation

this is a music foundation I am hoping to get started. Read further for my foundation’s mission statement. If you would like to help me out getting this foundation started or if you have some ideas on what to name this foundation please let me know.

Our goal is to bring music and music history awareness to everyone. We also raise money for music education programs and for those who want to attend music schools. We also raise money for music history trips. You tell us where you want to go that involves history of music and we map out your trip and will pay for your tickets. If you ever wanted to visit famous blues sites in Clarksdale, Mississippi, or even famous sites in Nashville and Memphis, but didn’t know where to start we can help you plan your trip and book your tickets for the famous sites.

We also raise money for people to attend things like rock and roll fantasy camps (which occur every once in a while) and we will even supply you a couple tickets to your concert of choice, and if you have to travel to see that concert we will find you a good hotel so you can enjoy the music and not have to worry about driving. We would even fly you there if necessary.

We also raise money to save, repair and remodel any buildings that were involved in music history. If the building had to be tore down for any particular reason we would make sure that the land it was on got something in memory and honor of that building’s history, or even get a museum put there, but we will do whatever it takes to save any building involved in music history. Those buildings don’t need to be demolished, they are historical landmarks. We also make sure such buildings get placed on the national historic registry. We need to make sure that such buildings as the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, California; the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville; and Sun Records, among others, will never get demolished.

And of course, our main goal is to bring music history and awareness to the younger generations so that very talented musicians, songwriters, and producers can never be forgotten. If it’s related to music or saving music this foundation will cover it.


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