EAGLES “Long Road Out Of Eden” Tour Review

The Eagles have been together for a little over 37 years.  They happen to be one of the greatest bands that ever lived, and after 28 years of no new studio albums they put out a great one called “Long Road Out Of Eden.” and in promotion for the new CD since the fall they have been on the Long Road Out Of Eden world tour, which they are now on the US leg of.  They played in Little Rock, Arkansas on September 16, 2008 opening with “How Long” – from the new CD.  Than played a couple more songs off the CD before they played Hotel California.  They played numerous of their classics, numerous songs from their new CD, and a few of the band’s solo efforts.

The second half opened with “No more walks in the wood” from the new CD, and later on in the second half after Glenn Frey and Timothy Shmidt helped introduce the band and the backup musicians Joe Walsh put his hat (with cam) on and broke into his classic solo “Life’s been good” and in place of his lyric “lock the doors in case i’ll attack” he uses “I’ll lock the doors and listen to music by Burt Bacharach.” And in a performance of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry” on the screen behind the stage was footage of news programs, tabloid magazine covers, and other tv show footage like springer.  They even had covers with their images superimposed on them: “Joe Walsh sued by monkeys” “Don Henley Solves Global Warming”.  What a crazy bunch they are.

We were wondering when “Take It Easy” or “Desperado” would be played – that was the encore.  It’s not very often you get to see a great band like the Eagles perform, but when you catch their show it is well worth it.  I saw them once when I was 14 in 1994 on their Hell Freezes Over tour, but now I’m old enough to remember what’s going on I know this show was will worth it!  It was so awesome!  One of my favorite bands of all time, this band is one of the reasons why I got into music so many years ago and what a performance they can do on such a great live show!


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