It’s A Crazy Mixed Up World – lyrics

This is a song I wrote back in 2005.  It was after Hurricane Katrina hit, the war in Iraq has been going on for 2 years, gas prices just seemed to jump daily, making it seem as if our current leaders were the crummiest in American history.  I wrote this song expressing how I felt… It can even relate some now in 2012.  lol.
This world is cruel, it can be evil all the time
Sometimes you feel like you are payin’ a fine
Gas prices just goin’ sky high when you ain’t even got a dime!
You feel like you’re doin’ time cuz your life is in such a bind
But they’ll never see the signs, oh in this life of mine.

Late after that hurricane, oh it’s just so insane.
Don’t you just feel those people’s pain?
A lot of them havta walk with a cane, and you don’t even know half their names.
A lot of them are in emotional pain.
They need help and it came to late, it showed up about three days late.
Oh, this world is so insane.

Ship our boys to Iraq, claimin’ to do with terrorism.
Instead, it’s like goin’ to a militant prison, because someone made a stupid decision.
Those towers fell and he used it as an excuse.
Our boys are dyin’, but he don’t seem to mind.
This mad world is just evil all the time.

A lot of people gettin’ drunk and high, gee, I wonder why.
It just makes me wanna sigh
It even makes me wanna cry
Why can’t this world just try – to get along, instead of bein’ wrong?
That’s all I gotta say in my song.


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