Why Do You Have To Be So Mean

Why is it that people think they have to be so hateful and mean?  I never could understand it, and it’s because of this why I just assume stay home in my room and watch TV all day.  Don’t get me wrong, right now I would die to have some real company around but if people are going to be the way they are why should I go join that crowd when that’s not the kind of people I would choose to be around?

I work two jobs, and at one of them I feel like I was back in high school.  It seems like I’m constantly called to the office for something, and when I go there I get griped at for stupid petty things.  A couple days ago I was bitched at for stealing tips out of the housekeepers’ rooms when in actuality I have better things to do than to steal something.  Rumor has it that the other glass-person at work had passed this rumor around just to get me fired.

Just last year another co-worker bitched at me for “accusing” her of getting me this write-up I had gotten a couple weeks earlier, when in actuality I told somebody that “I heard that so-and-so had me written-up and it wouldn’t surprise me.” Where do you get an accusation there?  Isn’t an accusation something like “So-and-so had me written up” end of story.  It’s a long story why I got written up, it was about something else ignorant (I apparently told a guest he was stupid even though that’s not what was said).  I just love how people take what you say and flip-flop it around to make you sound like a complete jack-ass.

A couple weeks ago someone on MySpace, who is apparently a friend of a friend of my wife’s, went so far as to call me a loser, wife beater and a child molester. 

I think it’s really nice how people just judge you automatically without giving you a real chance in life and act all hateful and mean from the get-go.  It just makes some people want to hate life even more.  Must be nice to have friends to go see when you’re bored or depressed.  I wouldn’t know.  If so many people are going to be judgmental and hateful and mean from day one, why bother?  I refuse to be like everyone else and I also refuse to be fake and phony.


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