I have been a big fan of Bruce Springsteen since I was 10 years old (1990).  I don’t even have all his albums – just 3: Born In The USA, Greatest Hits, and The Rising, and I’m looking forward to purchasing his new one “Working On A Dream.”

His halftime show performance was only 12 minutes long and it had an interesting intro.  They played 4 songs: a new one I can’t recall the name of, born to run, another new one called “Working On A Dream” – obviously a short version, and then broke into “Glory Days,” changing the lyric “big baseball player” to “big football player” – for obvious reasons.

At the end of glory days, he jokes about needing to go into overtime and a referee comes on the stage and made some motion – obviously just jokes, and at the end of the performance he twirls his famous Fender Telecaster around his shoulder 4 times.  I can’t believe what he does with a vintage instrument such as that!  At the beginning he threw it in the air, luckily his guitar tech is well trained to catch and catch well.  He then tells the audience “I’m going to Disney Land” – the famous line one of the VIPs of a Super Bowl in the early 90s (can’t remember which VIP or which super bowl) said.

On another note, I’m not a football fan.  I only watch the super bowl for the commercials and the half time show, but I didn’t care too much for the commercials this year.  There were some cute ones, but nothing really worth saving.  I thought the best one was the Bob Dylan/Will I. Am “Forever Young” Pepsi commercial.  I really enjoyed that one.


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