What Is To Blame – lyrics

Here are the lyrics to a song I wrote sometime after my ex-wife and I called it quits.  I hope you enjoy it.


Please don’t go and leave me.
If you do, I’ll just be so lonely.
If you do, I don’t know how my life would be.
When I see you, my life is full of glee.
When I’m with you my burdens are gone and I’m finally free.

I may have problems, this I do agree
But I can’t help but have them, you see
Some things in life you just can’t get over
Seems like I keep seeing my past reflection as I get older
Yes, I’m a loner – but this I can not help,
It all goes back to when I was younger – when I was never
But when I see you, I no longer feel as down and blue

Girl, why do you feel you gotta leave?
Why do you gotta go and leave me so lonely?
I’m so in love with you, and now I’m losing you, and I don’t
know what to do
There’s no one I want in my life besides you.

Yes, I have my problems
But it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be loved the same.
Girl, you’re my eternal loving flame
And you want to leave me, now that’s a shame.

What is to blame?


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