Life Does Seem Much Better Single

You know, as much as I like the intimacy and passion (and something else I won’t post here, lol) that a relationship does provide, I do find that I enjoy being single.  I can come and go as I please, and do what I want whenever I want to with no pressure or stress on anyone.  I can jump up at a moment’s notice if a friend calls wanting to hang out without worrying if I’ll make a girlfriend mad if I don’t go see her instead.  I like to not really make plans and just do what I want at a moment’s notice, and I definitely don’t like asking for permission to do things, and when you are in a relationship you have to ask for permission a week or so in advance, which means planning on things, and like I stated I don’t like plans unless they are plans for a trip or something of that sort.  Tonight after I left a buddy’s house I was debating on whether or not to drive up to Best Buy in Branson because I needed a new tripod for my camcorder, I was debating to go there Wednesday before work or just go tonight since I had nothing better to do.  I went ahead and went and got me a better tripod than the last one I had.  Life is good!


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