You Have Just Been Punked!

We have been pranking each other from left to right all week this week at work, and I’m not much of a prankster because I know certain pranks can get you in trouble and I try not to do anything that will get me into trouble no matter how big or small the prank is.

It all really started a few weeks ago when my boss tried to sell me fake pot – it was really parsley, and I fell for it unfortunately.  Last Wednesday I come in after having two days off and they bring that up again, and i was upset because they made me feel and look really stupid, talking like I never smoked grass before, and one of my co-workers said that there’s something on the shelf that looked like meth – which was really rock salt, so I was in on giving my boss the rock salt saying it was meth.  LOL!  That night I bought some powdered sugar and tried to give it to him the other day saying it was coke!  lol.

One of our other workers like to “sabotage” my lunch bag by putting trash in it.  The other day he put a zucchini in it, with a note saying “give this to your woman” – I wrote on the note “what woman? and quit sabotaging my lunch bag” and taped it to the desk in the prep room.  the next day I took a different zucchini and cut it in half with a note saying “here’s your zucchini back, how do you like them apples?” – he got me back by saying “I really do like those apples” as he shoved a zucchini slice down my shirt.

That night I found a roll of double sided scotch tape and taped the door to the desk shut and stuck a couple of their clipboards onto it too, and another night I stuck 5 pieces of tape on the opening of the desk to where when the door to the desk was opened you saw the tape their.  lol.

The other day someone shrink wrapped my lunch bag so yesterday I tried to shrink wrap his umbrella but I was caught red-handed unfortunately.  And than he decided to wrap up my lunch bag and tape it to the ceiling in the cooler and spray cooking oil all over it. 

LOL.  so last night what did I do?  I took all of their managerial stuff, stuck it all in a trash bag and put it by the ice machine and taped a piece of shrink wrap across the desk.  I came in this afternoon and I saw 4 of my co-workers outside on their break and they mention that our boss was mad at me they he came in today and all of his stuff was gone, and couldn’t do the order that the store owner had to go and get copies in order to do the order.  They all had me thinking the bag I put those books in was thrown away, and just to think I was about to jump in the dumpster to go hunting for that stuff!  I go out to the floor to put some freight up, and I come back and lo-and-behold the books are back where they belong!  they had me going for the whole first two hours I was at work today!  They all were in on it and all kept a straight face so well, that I thought I was really in trouble, and I thought my job was on the line.  Somebody (not really for sure who) also duct taped my car windshield, and also duct taped plastic to the hood of my car, and even put Vaseline on the door handle of my door.

I figured what could I do to top their prank?  What they all pulled on me today was the prank of all pranks.  and it was 4 of them involved, so what could I do?  some told me I couldn’t top that.  Will, they are wrong.  After I clocked out at 8 this evening, I went and bought $23 worth of stuff for my plot of revenge, and spent probably 20 minutes or so setting it up.  I took their plastic they used on the hood of my car and taped it to the prep room table, hung a sign there saying “smell that – smell like sweet revenge, i give you all 5 days top this”; and than put a note under the plastic stating “it’s sad it takes 4 of you to pull one on little old me, and it only takes just one me to top you – you have all just been punked” and than I also left my receipt for my merchandise there too so they see that the stuff i used was paid for, and also put the grape tape thing under it, hiding the red tape also; and than I taped 2 garbage bags to the desk, and put a sign above the desk stating “whos the punk now?”; and than sprayed cooking spray all over the trash bags on the desk and all over the plastic on the table, not missing one single spot!  and than I sprayed on the light switch and dipped the switch in some Vaseline.  and to top it off, i blocked both openings in the cooler.  Who is the real punk now?

And since I was in the mood, I decided to pull a fast one on one of my friend’s cars who doesn’t even work in the same department as me so he wasn’t even involved in the prank my department pulled on me today.  but it’s all in good fun though.  I’m off the next 5 days, I better watch my back when I come in Tuesday because there is no telling what they may have up their sleeves that I will just have to top!

Good times!

Here are the pictures of my prank:

matt's carproduce prep-1produce prep-2produce prep-3produce prep-4produce prep-5produce prep-6produce prep-7produce prep-8produce prep-9produce prep-10


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