The Best Superbowl XLVI ADs, IMO

These are the best Superbowl ads during this year’s superbowl, in my opinion.  There was a lot of great ones I thought during this year’s super bowl but I’d be here all day posting every single one I liked so here’s the best ones I think!

It seems the advertising agencies get their most creative during the superbowl. lol.  Enjoy!

This ad is for the Kia Optima.  very great commercial and it stars a famous rock band!!

This ad is for M&Ms. and the female M&M thinks the guys in the ad are rude for snickering because they think she’s naked when she’s really not.  very funny!  lol.

Jerry Seinfeld wants the first new model Acura NSX to roll off the line, unfortunately he’s #2, so he does what he can to “pay off” the guy who’s first in line.  very funny cameo towards the end.  enjoy!

I really enjoyed this ad.  It was very funny and also very cute.  This baby’s brother is teasing him because the older brother don’t want to give him or grandma any doritos.  so grandma slingshots him to the big brother to steal the doritos, very cute.  lol.

 This ad is for Chrysler and stars Clint Eastwood (one of my favorite actors of all-time, btw).  It’s somewhat patriotic which makes it great.  basically saying lets bring the car manufacturing back to america.  Great inspirational ad during hard economic times.

This ad is for the Honda CR-V starring Matthew Broderick.  When i first saw it, I didn’t see the title of the ad but picked up the references right away, lol.  it’s “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – lol. the whole movie parodied into a 1 minute and 10 second spot starring the star from the actual film.  very funny!

A guy drives in an apocolyptic world in his chevy truck.  when he sees his friends he gets out and asks where there other buddy is at, the other buddy didn’t make it because he drove a ford.  And only during the superbowl will see an ad with another product featured in it – want a twinkie? lmao.

 This ad is for Bud Light.  A guy gets a “rescue dog” (a dog that is rescued from animal cruelty).  the dog’s name is “Weego” – and the dog is trained to deliver bud light to people when he hears his name. so what do you think will happen when some one says “here we go” or “and here we go” not realizing he hears them say it?  lmao.  very funny and very cute.  enjoy!  lol.

This one is for the new Chevy Sonic.  Very cool stunts in this ad.  My favorite part is towards the end you see the chevy logo underneath the car.  very neat!

This ad is very funny for the new Audi.  A vampire is on his way to a vampire party and his headlights are so bright that they imitate daylight, and, well, we all know that vampires and daylight just don’t mix.  lmao.

Sir Elton John is a king in this pepsi spot and he won’t allow just anybody to have a pepsi.  Very funny and the funniest part is the cameo at the very end, lol.  Hilarious!!

This one’s for coke featuring the famous Coca-Cola bear mascot.  His buddies throw him a coke and he does what he can to catch it, and he’s in the north pole so of course he’ll probably slip on some ice to catch it.  lol.  very cute.

I hope you enjoyed these ads as much as I have.  There were 50 I downloaded.  38 minutes worth.  There were probably more than that, but 50 were only shown on the website I downloaded them from.  Of that 50, these I thought were the greatest ones.

Superbowl Sunday

For those of you that has the priviledge to know me, you would know I’m not much into sports at all.  You know me as one to make fun of sports for the most part, lol.  However, I will watch the superbowl and I do enjoy it but I mainly watch it for the halftime show and the commercials.  I spent the last 30 minutes or so downloading the commercials from this year and I can’t wait to watch them.  I will probably share my favorite ones on here, twitter, and Facebook, so be on the lookout, lol.

My alltime favorite superbowl commercial has got to be one from a few years ago for budlight.  this couple drives by this hitch-hiker with an ax. the man wants to pick him up, the woman don’t though, lol. “no, don’t stop!” “but he’s got bud-light!” “but he’s got an axe!!” – lol.  too too funny!  lmao.