Superbowl Sunday

For those of you that has the priviledge to know me, you would know I’m not much into sports at all.  You know me as one to make fun of sports for the most part, lol.  However, I will watch the superbowl and I do enjoy it but I mainly watch it for the halftime show and the commercials.  I spent the last 30 minutes or so downloading the commercials from this year and I can’t wait to watch them.  I will probably share my favorite ones on here, twitter, and Facebook, so be on the lookout, lol.

My alltime favorite superbowl commercial has got to be one from a few years ago for budlight.  this couple drives by this hitch-hiker with an ax. the man wants to pick him up, the woman don’t though, lol. “no, don’t stop!” “but he’s got bud-light!” “but he’s got an axe!!” – lol.  too too funny!  lmao.


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