Just found out about “Windows Live Writer”

Hello, everybody.  I created my blog just a few days ago and have been trying to search for a program the last couple of days that allows me to post to it without even having to login to blogger.  Through my search, I found a program that was already installed on my computer called “Windows Live Writer.”  Apparently it’s automatically installed with windows 7, but if you don’t have it and you need a great free blog creation tool, just download “windows live essentials” on live.com.

I decided to create a blog a few days ago because I decided I wanted more of an online presence, and more of a way to try to connect with those I share common interests and beliefs and interests in, so I felt a blog was the best way.

I spent the last couple of hours fiddling with the features of blogger and tweaking the look of my blog until I got it looking like I wanted it.  I saw some cool ways my blog could look, but I decided to go with the much more simple approach.  I have learned as an amateur web designer that no matter how cool it might look, doesn’t make it great on the eyes when trying to read it, and even some of the simple dynamic looks blogger offered, still looked a bit cluttered.  I decided this simple approach looked much better, lol.  there was even a feature where I can post a picture behind the title, I thought hey, that could be cool.  after seeing that I said “nope.” – scrapped it, lol.

In the beginning, I wasn’t even sure what I was going to call it.  I originally called it “mike’s libertarian musings” – but than thought “no, I’m not just going to talk about libertarianism on here.” So I called it “Mike’s Daily Musings.” Yesterday I decided I didn’t like that title.  I needed to be more creative than that.  So I thought, “Why not give it a name like a newspaper?” lol.  So there you have it, folks: “The Daily Mikeirvan.”  Kind of catchy, I think. Lol.   

I even figured out how to get my blog posts to automatically be shown on twitter and facebook since for some reason blogger don’t do that like youtube does. Hopefully now I’ll get even more visitors here, lol. 

Through this I’ll probably share some of my videos I have on youtube also that I think everyone might enjoy like my anti-sopa video or my bob dylan parody “singing through my nose.” lol. 


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