Google AdSense

I actually think Google AdSense is a great idea, that’s why I use it.  How it works is you allow Google to show ads on your website or blog and every time some one clicks on the ad, you get paid.  the catch is that it tracks IP addresses so I couldn’t just click on the ads constantly on my blog unfortunately, lol. 

A couple years ago I had it on my personal website I used to have.  I got rid of that website a couple years ago because I was paying $100 a year to have the domain and have it hosted and no one was visiting and what was the purpose of having a website when what I was trying to accomplish with it I was able to accomplish with many of the free social network services that were starting to spring up all over online a couple of years ago? So I got rid of it and joined MySpace, Facebook and Twitter lol.  Didn’t see any real purpose of AdSense since than.  I didn’t even realize I was still subscribed to it until I created my blog last weekend, lol.  Great!!  Now this poor, middle class worker trying to make a name for himself could make a little bit extra money again with it, lol.  In fact, I think my AdSense ads are on the right side of the screen and possibly somewhere below this article, lol.


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