No To Mitt Romney

Annoyed I’m a conservative, and he claims to be one too but after a 28 minute video I watched about him a couple weeks ago I have came to the conclusion that I honestly think he is the Anti-Christ prophesied in the book of revelation.  We all think Obama is bad?  Romney’s a lot worse!  This guy took a lot of jobs from the people that had jobs with companies that Bain Capital had bought, and than sold the companies to places overseas and such causing a lot of people to lose their jobs!  If this yahoo becomes the next president there will be no more jobs.  We’ll all be homeless and fighting in the streets. That is also prophesied.  I know to some I may just seem paranoid, but I’m just trying to be prepared because I do believe in God and I am a strong believer that the end is near.

I know a lot of you are against Newt Gingrich because of his immoralities, but hey – nobody’s perfect.  You have to look at how the guy might be as a leader.  And in all the debates, he’s had some pretty good answers and he sure does know how to tell the scum-sucking journalists where to stick it!

Oh, and one other thing while we’re on the topic of being conservative (and I’m sure I’ll probably bring it up other times also on this blog) – I got in an argument that went back and forth for 3 days with someone online before I decided to just bite my tongue, and listening to a lot of Andrew Wilkow on Sirius XM has confirmed that if you’re libertarian or conservative you get accused of being racist and child haters, etc.  Excuse me???  I’m racist because I refuse to learn Spanish and refuse to cater to hispanics in the United States of America??  I’m a child hater because I feel these lazy people on welfare and food stamps who are capable of working can’t get off there lazy butts?? I don’t want to see America’s children starve either but it don’t mean we give the government the right to enable the parents to be this way. it’s called take the kid away from the parent!! it’s called set stricter guidelines for welfare! if a person applies for it, fine but they’re cut off after so long.  And since when is not being able to speak English A DISABILITY???  I ought to go to Mexico and say “no habla espanol me want your disability check” lol.  oh, I guess that makes me racist talking like this.  yea, if that makes me so racist than how come I have no problem with them as a whole and no problem with them being here as long as they learn the culture and the language? racists don’t like them period.  get a clue!!  seem like the liberals and democrats are very very very confused!! lol.  ok, stepping off my soap box for now lol.  goodnight, everybody!


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