54th Annual Grammy Awards Review

A couple of the performances I was anxious to see were good performances but weren’t great performances but overall I thought the show was pretty good, and I thought what they did at the end was pretty cool – and also different and unexpected for the Grammys. Normally they close out with the last award and roll credits but instead they close out with Paul McCartney and his band doing golden slumbers/carry that weight/you never give me your money/the end. One medley popularized from the Abbey Road album by the Beatles that he does a lot during his live shows. One type of performance I’ve always enjoyed is when during a concert of various artists you have the variety of artists get onstage to play, that I always thought was very cool – and they did it at the Grammys for the first time (that I’m aware of at least) when Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, and Joe Walsh got onstage to close out “The end” very very cool.

I thought the beach boys tribute could have been done better but it still was pretty amazing and really amazing to see Brian Wilson play with the Beach Boys again. And the Glen Campbell tribute could have been better but also still was amazing. I was expecting him to come onstage with a 100% sequined jacket like you normally see him in when he does “Rhinestone Cowboy”, but instead he wears a shirt with a few sequins lol. And I wander if towards the end where he seemed a little lost if he was pretending or not.

Paul McCartney’s first performance was interesting and I never thought he would ever team up with Joe Walsh. That’s an interesting pair-up, and Joe Walsh is one of my all-time favorite guitarists. Paul does look much more tired than he did a few years ago, in my opinion.

Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney Houston tribute was really amazing, especially after I heard that she broke down numerous times during rehearsals she did remarkably well on it.

The dance tribute to Don Cornelius was interesting but I guess I don’t understand deadmau5, lol. The mouse head is an interesting gimmick – but I thought that guy would dance around or something but instead just basically stood there but the Chris Brown and Foo Fighters part of the performance was pretty cool.

Bruno Mars – I don’t know much about his music but this year and last year at the Grammys he has performed songs that are very 60s/70s soulful like which I think is great!! And this year he did a James Brown type move which was really cool. I am not sure what his musical background is, but if he’s bringing back 60s/70s style soul that is amazing!!!! We need more artists like that!!

Bruce Springsteen – great great song! Very very inspirational. Great performance too. “We Take Care Of Our Own” is probably one of the best songs he’s put out in years and should be considered a modern anthem for America and it’s hard economic times right now.

After seeing the Grammys this year there are 3 albums I will definitely have to buy: Adele’s “21” – I don’t buy very many modern pop albums anymore but that one I think would definitely be worth it; Bruce Springsteen’s new album – not sure what it’s called or when it’ll be out yet, but I’ll definitely be looking for it; and Paul McCartney’s new album that he made in tribute to the American standards era of music. Can’t remember the name of it, but I’ll be looking for it. It’s about time he paid homage to songs by George Gershwin, etc..


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