Keep Branson, Missouri in your prayers!

My mom and I drove up to Branson this afternoon and I had a chance to see a lot more than I saw the last couple of times I went up.

All of 76 is finally open again but a part of the road there you have to drive in the turning lane – it’s all a mess. The shopping center where mazzio’s pizza is is gone but it left mazzio’s. Guess it wasn’t too hungry for pizza, lol. And it looked like the worse damage was done in that little area, so no wander it was blocked off for a few days, lol. – it’s a major mess.

Also went by the store I work at to pay my respects but a construction guy wouldn’t let me near the building said the city said it’s unsafe and could fall at anytime. When it’s done I think it’ll be the best looking store in the region!

We also drove down by the landing. Hilton is now boarded up where the windows were blown out and drove to the neighborhood my ex-wife and I lived. Some trailers were destroyed while some (including the one her and I lived in) just looked like it got shook up really bad. But the neighborhood itself is a mess of damage and debris. And the Branson landing didn’t look too bad. We walked a ways of it, not much damage at all. Looked like most of the damage there was done to the condos.

I Think if nothing is going on the weekend of march 23-25, I will try to see if I can help somewhere in the cleanup.  Maybe some other weekends also,  I’m not sure how much yet, but also plan to donate some amount of money. Even if it’s just $10 or $20.

Some people will not be working anytime soon in Branson because of this tornado, including myself and all my co-workers.

The health store by mazios (one of mom’s favorite places to shop while in Branson) is completely gone, 2 gift shops near Walgreens there have sides and a wall gone etc. Right before the beginning of the tourist season to start kicking into high gear. Be sure to keep us all in prayer.

This will also be a definite year to see Branson shows. I’m sure they will put on special shows to say hey, we survived and will stand strong!

The haygoods and grand country jubilee did shows the day after the tornado to say Hey, Branson still going strong – we’re not closed we are open. Just remodeling! I even heard the haygoods recorded a song as a reminder of this and proceeds of it will go to benefit the relief efforts. Guess you can get it at the theater they play at.

And I’m sure when our store re-opens we’ll have a grand opening blowout special!


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