2012 Season Finale of “Saturday Night Live” with Mick Jagger as host

I don’t watch Saturday Night Live much anymore.  For most of the last 10 years seems like the show is just stupid anymore with not much creativity.  I like Andy Samberg’s digital short music videos (I think that’s his name).  The ones I have seen I thought were pretty funny, including the one on the Mick Jagger episode, but most sketches on the show I think just stink anymore, lol.

my favorite sketch on the whole episode was the one where Mick Jagger is playing an insurance salesman and he and 3 others are at a party and they are doing karaoke.  the songs they are doing karaoke to are Rolling Stones songs, lol and Mick Jagger’s character is like “that guy ain’t no mick jagger” and the others tell him “if you think you can do better than get up and do better” and mick jagger’s character says “no, I’m too shy” lmao.  What a way to poke fun at himself all in good fun.  I really enjoyed this episode and thought it was one of the best episodes I have seen in years, lol.


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