My Biography

One of my teachers this semester had asked us to write a biography about ourselves and why we feel we won’t succeed in college. Even though on the sideline of this blog is a bio of me already I thought I would add a bio as an article to this blog as well. However, I left out the parts about why I don’t feel I will be successful in college because I don’t think that is necessarily public knowledge. So here is the bio, lol. Enjoy.

My name is Mike Irvan. I was first brought into this world at 6:30pm on January 08, 1980 in Portland, Oregon to Carol King (my mother) and Frank Irvan (my father).

When I was 5-years old, we moved from Portland to Phoenix, Arizona where we stayed with my grandpa for a year until we found a place of our own. We lived in Phoenix for about 10 years. I always enjoyed going to art museums and other various types of museums as a kid.

When I was 10 (perhaps even younger but I can’t really remember) I was exposed to the art of story-telling through film via Steven Spielberg and George Lucas films, among other popular filmmakers of the day. I was also exposed to different varieties of music and there history – especially The Beatles and Elvis Presley around the same time.

When I was 14 and in the 8th grade I was than exposed to the art of television production and videography through my television production class. The middle school I went to put on a closed circuit news broadcast put together by the students. I was fortunate to have worked on the behind the scenes staff running the cameras and the microphones and the director’s board. It was lots of fun and very educational for me.

In 1996 when I was 16 my family decided to move away from Arizona to Fort Smith, Arkansas. During my time in Fort Smith I met a couple of friends I hung out with and we would go around town making short videos of stuff with my mom’s camcorder. In 1997, I was exposed to the internet and web design for the first time and I started making my own websites.

I graduated from Northside High School in Fort Smith in 1999 and than moved to Harrison, Arkansas where a friend in 2003 turned me onto graphic design. I than bought a book about graphic design and some graphic design software and taught myself some art of graphic design. This I seemed to pick up on very well.

So here we are now: in 2012, at the age of 32-years old. I finally decided I should go to school for something so I decided to start this fall and I decided to go for Digital Media because of my obvious interests in the arts and digital media creation.

After I get my degree I hope to pursue a career in the digital media field working for someplace using my videography, web/graphic design, and sound editing skills or going into business for myself to do that. I hope that I can be very successful at it.


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