No website anymore–for now anyway

I haven’t had my own website for probably a little over 2 years now.  It was getting too expensive and nobody was visiting it and with these social networks popping up all over I felt what was the point in spending money to promote yourself right? lol.  Yes, when working on your own website you can put a lot more on it than what some social networks have to offer and you can put your web design skills to the test, etc but what’s the point when nobody sees them, right?

But this morning when I woke up I decided to visit the internet archive site ( – it’s the site you go to to view your site from the past.  it’s like a search engine but the spider’s cache old sites.) and look at my old sites and blog and articles and such and try to put the better postings on my official blog here.  If some of my next few blog postings seem out of date, that is probably why.


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