I Voted

Today marks the first day of early voting in the state of Arkansas.  I live in Harrison, so right after my 1:00 Basic Design class I rushed over to the Durand Center and cast my vote and I’m not afraid to let everyone know who I voted for.  Mitt Romney.  I am conservative first, libertarian second and a republican third.  I believe in less control, less spending and more freedoms.  Mitt Romney will hopefully cut the spending spree America has been on.  There are several things we should cut out.

I wanted to vote for libertarian Gary Johnson but I heard that voting libertarian or other 3rd party formats you will just throw your vote away because those parties are just so small, so I will always vote for the republican person.  I don’t like where most republicans stand on issues but I do feel that for a freer America they are the best way to go.

Arkansas is also trying to get a bill passed for medical Marijuana.  I’m all for this.  Marijuana has some good medical usages.  look at all the folks with AIDS or MS or have an immune deficiency?  It can even help those with high stress and eating disorders.



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