The Elections Are Over and Something To Ponder

It’s November 7th, 2012.  The elections and all the campaigning is finally over.  Obama gets re-elected and the conservatives now have to go back to the drawing board.  I’m a conservative as well  and voted for Mitt.  I just couldn’t fathom another 4 years with Obama as our president and raising our debt even more.  Other things I have heard is also scary enough to make one think “do we really want this idiot to stay in office?” 

While talking to my wife about some political stuff last night, it got me to thinking about all the “facts” and “pictures” that come our way.  We live in an age where anything can be printed by anyone and passed as fact.  We also live in an era where anyone can take a photograph and Dr it via photo editing software and pass it off as real.  How does one really know what is honestly real hard facts and what is passed off as facts but not real?

yes, you can go onto yahoo news and read articles, usa today, etc.  legitimate news sources and outlets and not blogs but one has to begin to wonder: how do we know the sources behind the legit articles are for real?  how do we know the pictures are real?

Yes, cold hard facts prove the country is in major debt right now.  but what about other facts?  I was told by a friend that if Obama won a 2nd term as president that the day after election day would be the biggest day for gun sales because of some bill the UN is trying to get passed.  however where are the stories of the major gun sales?  all I heard so far is the stock market was down but it could be pure coincidence.  there is also no rioting in the streets like I heard as well if he got the 2nd term.  lots of scary stuff I have heard would happen if obama got the second term.  people like Glenn Beck broadcast this stuff daily but where do they get there facts and how are they 100% sure it’s a cold hard fact though?  even if they show the research as coming from a legit site, how can anyone really prove the stuff is 100% legit?  am I saying Glenn Beck is lying about anything? No.  I’m just saying how do we honestly know real truth from fiction in an age where ANYONE can broadcast ANYTHING at the speed of light and call it fact. 

I guess we just got to take everything all in we see and hear and hope and pray for the best outcomes and prepare for the worst.  some scary things have been predicted if Obama got the 2nd term (which he did) even including dangerous issues going on in Europe right now that has been predicted will occur over here.  If our debt keeps going like it is now it’s guarenteed what is going on in europe (especially in greece) will happen also here.

Will all the scary predictions come true?  I guess only time will tell.


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