One corporation to go out of business, another to have a strike

With talk of this “Fiscal Cliff” to occur on January 1st, 2013 there is talks of businesses and there employees making drastic decisions because of the talks of obamacare and the economy. 

Since Obama’s re-election on November 06, several businesses have announced several layoffs because of the fear of the economy going down even more because of him being re-elected. 

Recently it’s been reported that Hostess (maker of such great snacks as Twinkies and Ho-Hos) is going out of business because of strikers recently.  They have been on bankruptcy status but the strikers didn’t help any.  it’s also been reported that some walmart employees formed there own union because of low wages and walmart lowering there pay on healthcare and those walmart employees also plan on striking on black Friday.  coincidence?

it definitely puts more people on un-employment and we think our economy is bad now?  I think it’s fixing to get a lot worse.


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