The Influences of the Beatles

paulAhh, the fascination of The Beatles! These four lads from Liverpool have got to be the best rock group to ever come from anywhere! They were very inspirational and influential on everybody in the music scene! The Beatles were pioneers in the music industry, changing how we look at music forever.

Besides playing a few cover tunes that showed off who influenced them, The Beatles recorded their own material, this material was also recorded by many other artists from the mersey beat. Later on, other artists covered the Beatles also. “Yesterday” is probably the most covered tune ever. This same material was mainly written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney as a partnership, but George Harrison wrote quite a few great songs too as a Beatle.

Some of Paul’s best written Beatle songs include “Yesterday”, “Blackbird”, ringo“Eleanor Rigby”, and “When I’m Sixty-Four”. Some of John’s include “Tomorrow Never Knows”, “Benefit of Mr. Kite”, “I Am The Walrus”, and “Lucy In The Sky”. George’s include “For You Blue”, “Something”, “Here Comes The Sun” and “Taxman” and this list of their greatest songs isn’t even complete, but each and every one of their songs is definitely timeless.

If not the first, they at least were pioneers in recording technology in the studio, including – but not limited to – reverse tape loops, sound effects, and feedback. They were also one of the first to use music videos as a medium of advertisement to sell a song. Back than they called them “promo films.”

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m to be considered a Beatle Enthusiast who wishes he could have been around during there time just so I could’ve seen them play just once. I love the Beatles. I can’t really say which song I love the most because I love them all but if I had to choose, it would probably be “LET IT BE” or “SOMETHING” and if recent songs count, “FREE AS A BIRD” and “REAL LOVE” also.

It’s hard for me to say who may favorite Beatle is these days. George Harrison and I have a lot in common. He was always for world peace, and he cared for the world and did what he could to help out those who were in need. He also was always in search for God. He just reminds me johnof myself. I also seem to have things in common with John. he had a very creative mind, and was always searching for world peace and doing whatever he could to promote world peace, not necessarily an anarchist but didn’t like what politics and the government does. I also love Paul. They are all extremely talented and extremely creative, but if I had to choose it would be John Lennon since he was the rebel of the group. LOL. The Beatles’ music is definitely as timeless as Beethoven, Mozart or Tchaikovski.

The Beatles were such an inspiration and influence on everyone! The name of my media design firm was influenced by them (Strawberry Lane Media Design). My heavy interest in music was influenced by them! I remember it well. November 1995. I was only 15. Something told me I just had to watch ABC on the 3 nights that month! I don’t know why. Those 3 nights was when the Beatles Anthology was on.

I often wonder if these 4 lads from Liverpool had intentions of making it big. John Lennon once said, “I met Paul and said, ‘do you want to join me group?’ Paul said sure. Than George joined, and than Ringo Joined. We were just a band that made it very very big, that’s all.”

Unfortunately two of them left us. I’m sure they are members of heaven’s Beatles playing such great and peaceful music for God. We miss you John and George! Rest in Peace! george

(as published on my website on February 19, 2008)

(Photos used courtesy of Julie Taucher – A very talented artist and fellow Beatle enthusiast.  You can see some of her work at


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