Speaker Polarity

I’m not a very smart person (don’t know if I ever will be), and I don’t know very much, but I decided that there are a few things I do know about and created a new category for helpful tips and advice. 

This one is on speaker polarity.  I was setting up my home theater speakers for the first time in a while, and I always get lost on the polarity.  I want the speakers to sound like they should so I want to get the + wire right and the – wire right.  some wires have it written which is which, but they don’t always and I have always thought the ones with the white stripe was the – wire.  I did some research online, and what I have found is this:

one wire is marked, the other’s not marked.  It doesn’t matter which wire you use.  Just make your own decision on what wire will be + and which will be -.  When you make that decision, stick by it for all the speakers.  However, if the wire is marked + or -, that my friends, is pretty obvious.  lol.


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