My Original Artwork

I thought I posted some of these on my blog, but apparently I didn’t.  I started painting in the fall of 2012 after taking a basic design class in college.  I than got hooked onto painting.

These are some paintings I have done since than and also for that class.  Some of these are even for sale if you’re interested.

Here’s a tip for you: I don’t recommend using that spray adhesive glue when making collage paintings: the adhesive gets all over your hands, and when trying to fix the pieces you’re gluing on they won’t fix right because your hand is too sticky.  your best bet is to probably use a glue stick. lol.

Abbey Road In A Variety of Blues

“Abbey Road In A Variety of Blues”





"Back To The Future" - influenced by my favorite film series.  For Sale!  $5

“Back To The Future”







“Objective Abstraction Guitar”






“Repeated Motif Guitar”


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