Eureka Springs, Arkansas

I went to Eureka Springs today.  tried to go to Thorn Crown chapel, and there was an older guy there in a convertible by the gate and he said snottily “it’s closed.”  I asked if we were able to go in and take pictures of the outside of it he said even more rudely “no, they’re closed.”  So I pull forward so I can turn around to leave and he told me rather snottily “you can’t turn around, you got to back up.” – this guy was not very friendly.  I don’t know if he was the owner and thought I was some punk kid or what, but God didn’t put us on this planet to be rude to each other.

On a positive note: went to the great passion play attraction while up there.  didn’t see the play though but went to a museum there.  had an awesome Jack Dawson exhibit on display.  the curator of the museum (i guess that’s who it was) gave us a tour of the exhibit.  One painting I just had to buy a copy of was “Heart Of Warrior.” – very awesome painting!!!


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