My recent speech for speech class was a motivational speech.  My teacher for this assignment gave us a topic to speak about.  My topic was “loyalty.”  The following is my speech.  I  plan on eventually filming these speeches and putting them up on youtube, so be on the lookout for them.

Ha! Loyalty. I don’t want to speak about no stinking loyalty. I have no desire to speak about loyalty. I would much rather speak about something else instead. Something I’m passionate about. What can I possibly teach you about loyalty? I want to do things my way, my rules. I don’t want to be loyal to this class, nor do I want to be loyal to anyone else for that matter! I just want to drop out…

When you think of lovalty, what comes to mind?…

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, “Loyalty” means “A feeling of strong support to someone or something.”

What I think about when I hear the word “Loyalty” are many great qualities that we all should have. Some of these great qualities might seem familiar to you because they might be your topic, but today I want to briefly cover three of them that seem to be the most important qualities of loyalty: dedication, love, and faithfulness.

First, let’s talk about dedication. I at first thought this was going to be a tough topic for me. As far as I know, I’m a pretty loyal person, but it’s nothing I really think about. And no matter how hard I try to do well at these things, I’m not a gifted speaker. I’m an introvert, and in public situations I’d rather be quiet and listen. Every time I have to come up here to speak, I try my best to do well – but I struggle. I can’t even memorize my whole speech, no matter how hard I try to. God has blessed me to be more open in public, but I still struggle badly with public speaking.

I thought I was ready to present my last speech, however the grade I got for it proved that I really wasn’t. But I didn’t want to give up., I wanted to remain dedicated to my degree plan, because it’s always been one of my dreams to work in the creative field, so why drop classes that are required over a lousy grade because of my faults? All that’s going to do is make me out to look bad and like a failure. What is that going to achieve?

I was also determined to do well in something for a change, so instead I’m going to keep pushing on and working hard because you shouldn’t let your faults bring you down. I see others who do better at things I would like to do well in, and it just makes me want to try even harder. I’m not a very smart person at all, and have had many setbacks in my life. We all have our setbacks at some point, but we should never give up. Giving up doesn’t lead to anything but failure. We should instead all remain loyal to our dreams and goals.–that is, be dedicated and do what we can to overcome our setbacks – even if it means doing something you really don’t want to do like getting up in front of speech class to give a speech when you’re not a gifted speaker. Sometimes throughout life we are presented with things we don’t want to do, but we have to be loyal and not argue about it and just do it. Arguing normally doesn’t accomplish anything.

A second good quality of loyalty is love. Have you ever loved something or someone so much, that you would do anything for them or it? Some people love certain bands so much, that they would travel miles to see them play. They are loyal to those bands. Some people would love a certain film series so much they will wait in line at the theater in the cold to see it on opening day. Some people also love technology so much they will camp in parking lots to receive the first item on the shelf. these people love these things so much, that they are loyal to them. . Some people love their jobs so much that they would give up family time to be at work. Is some loyalty good? Probably not, but just use common sense and do the right thing, what or who should you love more? What or who is more important to you?

I met my wife 4 years ago, and we have had problems since the beginning of our relationship, but I love her very much that despite our problems I’m very loyal to her and I refuse to give up.

A dog is also very loyal to his master because he loves his master. A dog loves his master so much that he will just greet him each time he comes home, even when his master was only gone for a minute. If that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is.

And finally: faithfullness. I found God recently. September 1st to be more specific, and have been trying to put him first in my life. It’s difficult at times, but I still try. He has actually changed my life! He has blessed me quite a few times since I started putting him first, and even though stupid things still happen that cause me to question my faith, I still remain loyal to God. I know I’m not the only one who questions my faith either. A friend of mine at my church questions his faith sometimes as well, as I’m sure a lot of believers do. His wife is pregnant, and they are having major problems with the pregnancy. That would cause me to question my faith also but he still remains loyal and faithful to God.

Even Job from the bible remained faithful to God. Satan wanted God to allow Satan to test Job, to see if Job will turn his back on God. God allowed Satan to, and Satan wreaked all kinds of havoc on Job’s life. Letting all kinds of bad things happen to Job. Job not once turned his back to God, nor did he curse God and remained loyal to him.

Faithfulness, love, dedication. These are Three of the most important words I think of when I hear the word “loyalty”. Whatever it is you are doing in life: relationships, school, or work, you should remain loyal despite setbacks, and not throw in the towel. You also shouldn’t rebel against certain things asked of you. If you remain loyal you will eventually achieve great things, and be happier. Why live life like a quitter when that doesn’t accomplish anything?


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