16 Inspiring Songs That Honor JFK Pictures – The Tragedy That Shattered Camelot | Rolling Stone

16 Inspiring Songs That Honor JFK Pictures – The Tragedy That Shattered Camelot | Rolling Stone

*After John F. Kennedy’s assasination, our country went into utter chaos.  1960s started out nice and calm until than.  I’m not a democrat, but I do like what Kennedy stood for and tried to do during his presidency: get world peace, kill poverty, create equality in all of us.  Some songs mentioned in this Rolling stone article I heard of, some I haven’t.  all I didn’t know had parts that are influenced by John Kennedy.  1960s history I always enjoyed, but some of the things that we now have because of events back then probably weren’t good ideas.  people have too much of a “if it feels good do it” mindset, and put all caution to the wind due to it, and just don’t care and have no moral boundaries.

On Nov. 22, 1963, the Beatles released their second album, the Beach Boys played to a record-breaking crowd in Marysville, CA, and Elvis Presley wept with gal pal Ann-Marget as they watched the shocking news on television about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Before that day, rock and roll was still in its happy-go-lucky infancy. After that fateful convertible ride through Dallas, the ’60s became The Sixties, and a fast-maturing rock and roll would help guide the cultural and political shift waged by a generation that began to question the ways of the world. As we recognize the 50th anniversary of the day JFK was shot this week, here are some of our favorite musical nods to Kennedy and the tragedy that shattered Camelot.

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