Record Snowfall In Arkansas

My pictures aren’t as great as some others I’ve seen but I just now decided to try to go outside and try to measure the snow and get a few pictures.   It is currently 17 degrees outside, and it’s supposed to get down to 0.  I have been told that this a record for Arkansas because it’s never this cold this early in the winter.

One measurement I took on the back of my brother’s deck showed 7 inches, but some other spots I checked showed 6 inches.  Walking, my foot was literally buried in the stuff!  not snowing now and I believe it’s supposed to be done snowing, but with the temperatures how they are supposed to be the next couple days, I don’t think this snow will melt very fast.  My dad has been having to drive in this mess – including ice.  He’s stopped for the night down in Little Rock, but will be coming home sometime tomorrow – He’s a very safe driver, but I ask for prayers that God keeps his hand of protection over him – along with anyone else who has to travel in this.

100_0763    100_0764  100_0765 100_0766


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